What kind of encouragement is right for you?

Ah, the encouragement! Who doesn’t like receiving it? It must be said that beyond filling us with the pleasant and flattering feeling of being particularly important and loved, a good old “go” is meant to be as refreshing as you want … Finally, what do we say? To say he is euphoric is much more true! Other words can be added to the traditional “go”, but be careful, not just any! Indeed, of primary importance is the mission of choosing with care the words spoken to an athlete in action … Under pain of appalling reprisals (and again, to put it mildly).

So how about helping your devoted supporters encourage you effectively by pointing out words that tickle your ear and words that whistle like a sniper bullet?

Encouragement that flatter the ego

During the effort, you like to be pampered without counting (which is quite normal, since this is YOUR moment of YOUR OWN). Yes, you definitely enjoy reigning as a despot over your loyal subjects. You appreciate being pampered at supplies (“Your Excellency, a little foot massage, maybe?”); that we flatter the prowess of your performances (“Majesty, it is purely incredible!”); that we underline the ease with which you overcome your challenge (“Sir · Lady, you don’t even look messed up”); in short, shout out loud and clear your genius (“Your Highness, how is that possible? You have embodied the delicious freshness and fragile beauty of a flower in bud from the start”).

Okay, okay, maybe we amplify it a bit. We will put this on the account of our southern side (# cliché). Still, you can’t deny this: you need the maximum attention and positivism around you, good vibes galore, and benevolent energies galore. And that’s to your credit. You have the precious ability to consider, appreciate, and use all the kind words that are addressed to you in the service of your motivation. Also, while a simple “go” has the power to breathe new life into exhausted marathon runners who drag their feet and grumble, this simple “go” gives you wings (but kind of big wings, eh).

Encouragement that flatters the ego, however, is not suitable for all athletes. Words that are meant to be benevolent can indeed be at the origin of a feeling of injustice, illegitimacy, and anger in some people. Tell them “that’s good”, and they’ll say, “but whatever, that’s not good what I’m doing here”. They are also called hearts of stone (or complimented with complexes), and we present them to you just below.

Encouragement that titillates the ego

To say the least, you have a serious problem with compliments. No way for you to accept them. Never. Rather die. In fact, in your mind, the shortcut is quick: compliment rhymes with weakness. Here, it would almost remind us of the young adventurer of a famous reality TV: despite the fact that he managed to achieve what no one else before him had accomplished, the latter always refused to take any form. of praise … It is you all spat out during an effort, what! When you are at your worst and a kind soul has the misfortune to throw sweet words at you, then you have only one desire: to reprimand her. You, you are a tough guy, a tough big guy, a real badass. Signs of affection during a competition? Very little for you. In fact, far from balancing your heart, they make you feel fragile.

But tell us, then, what are the encouragements that can, precisely, encourage you? What phrases do you need to throw at yourself to make you want to win? What words are able to get the lion out of its cage? The question is quickly answered, as a famous philosopher would say. While others would be irritated, upset, outraged, which makes an effect on you, it doesn’t is not to be brushed with the grain, it is to be questioned, titillated, provoked sometimes . “Be careful, maintain this rhythm, it’s coming back strong behind you!”, “Come on, move around a bit!”, “So, it seems that you soften over time?”. You don’t need more. You have already jumped out of your starting block. Only a cloud of dust remains behind you. And if you look closely, in the distance you can see your sharp fangs twinkling in the sunlight. It will hurt. Very badly.

Whether they flatter or titillate the ego, encouragement tailored to its recipient strikes, resonates and takes effect. They have the power to anesthetize the pain, and to carry us beyond our physical sensations … Yes, let us dare to formulate it in this way since this is how things are: encouragement knows how to lift us out of our body ( which gives full meaning to the notion of surpassing oneself).

And you, what’s your thing? The gentle and reassuring encouragement, or the ones that push you off your hinges?

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