Menstruation Explained to Boys and Girls

“The English are coming”, “ragnagnas”, or even “girls’ problems” are all popular expressions used not to directly quote the main stakeholders. You know, the ones to hide at all costs and never to be mentioned. Ladies and gentlemen *, we have named: the rules! And yes, gentlemen, you may never think about it, yet it is possible that the women you met today in sport had their periods, and for those who were absent, who knows if the rules are not. weren’t the cause?

But in fact, can women really indulge in their favorite sport while their uterus is also doing intensive activity once a month (24 hours a day for 2 to 7 days or more? again) ? Gentlemen, zoom in on a question you never dared to ask; ladies, zoom in on your daily life.

* Yes, men should also look into the matter, although they are not the first to be affected.

When sport helps with menstruation

Because the impact of the rules on training and physical activity remained, until now, an unanswered question, the social network Strava® wanted to be clear about it by submitting a questionnaire to its users . Result? 14,000 sportswomen took part in the game! The survey investigated by Doctor Georgie Bruinvels teaches us that, for 78% of respondents , moderate physical activity and a healthy lifestyle (“5 fruits and vegetables per day and 7 hours of sleep ”) reduce menstrual and premenstrual pain. There is no doubt that this fundamental fact will encourage many women to try sports and discover its soothing virtues.

Beyond this study, we also know that the practice of sport allows the secretion of endorphins, also known as the hormones of happiness (everything is said in their name …), and thus makes menstruation more bearable. In addition, by adapting to maintaining regular physical activity even during their periods, women increase their pain sensitivity threshold… What could potentially make their next cycles even less painful! The practice sport also increases blood flow, and therefore oxygenation of the muscles, including the uterus (which is a muscular organ), which is not without relieving the contractions to which it is subjected. Finally, among all the symptoms of PMS, some athletes (and non-athletes) admit to being prone to an increased appetite … However, we know that sport remains the best way to eliminate the results of our cravings!

When rules get in the way of athletic performance

“My period started yesterday, I am feeling very tired. I know that’s no excuse, I didn’t swim well anyway ”. These words are those of swimmer Fu Yuanhui, spoken at the end of the 4 x 100-meter relay at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, where China won the chocolate medal. By evoking her menstruation live on television, the Chinese had received the sympathy and support of Internet users, proof that the subject is still very taboo and too little mentioned, much to our chagrin. In addition to having freed the floor on menstruation, Fu Yuanhui raised an important point: when menstruation comes, you have to know how to deal with … even during the Olympics, and it is not chic!

Indeed, you should know that, during their period, women are affected by unpleasant symptoms: bloating , abdominal and back pain, migraines, etc. The feeling of being heavy and bloated is also true: during their period, women can retain water and gain 1, 2 or even 4 kilograms! When their periods are very heavy, some of them also suffer from anemia, and therefore increased fatigue. In addition, be aware that too intensive sports practice can potentially create amenorrhea, that is to say an absence of periods. Also, as your period approaches, it is advisable to favor less intense efforts, such as jogging to the detriment of interval training, for example. But let us remember, however, that there are as many feelings as there are women, that the cycles of the same woman are not all experienced in the same way, and that during the same cycle, where the phases painful and neutral follow each other, each day is approached in a different way.

In short, if sport helps to better endure rules, rules do not improve athletic performance.

Pairing sport and period seems to be a successful business, although this should not be minimized: this particular period requires that we adapt to it in terms of training load, intensity of practical, but also material. For example, for sports enthusiasts who like cross training, running, or even cycling, it makes more sense to wear a tampon or a menstrual cup rather than a sanitary napkin, as well as loose clothing rather than a holding compress the belly.

Small Tip : In order to reduce the effects of bloating and eliminate water retention, you can do a detoxifying cure during your period. Detox helps you to better drain fluids and digest food during this time when your body is more active.

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