Is the quality of sleep of a man and a woman different?

When your other half tells you “I haven’t slept all night!” you just want to laugh in their face. It’s true, what, if someone didn’t sleep last night, it was you! The proof, you had to endure the frenzied snoring of your lover (a test oh so difficult).

Have you also noticed that the two of you don’t go to bed and get up at the same time (when your alarm clock goes off)? Perhaps you are also jealous of your spouse: his imperturbable leaden sleep makes you eye, and you try to imitate him, nothing helps … To your dismay, you do not seem not meant to snooze like a baby #snif …

So how about putting an end to your endless debates on this issue once and for all? Indeed, many scientists have looked into the subject, and there is no shortage of explanations for the variability in the quality of sleep, depending on whether you are a man or a woman! Come on, we’ll tell you everything!

Who sleeps the most? Who sleeps best?

While some people will only need 6 hours of sleep to be in great shape, others will only be refreshed after 8 hours or more in Morpheus’s arms! Also, the quality of sleep being intrinsic to everyone, one might wonder if it is really It is legitimate to think that men and women do not sleep the same way. Yet the figures are instructive. Take a look: the results of a study in 47 countries show that women need about 20 minutes more sleep than men.

In addition, another study led by Dr. Diane Boivin, of McGill University and the Douglas Mental Health University Institute, in Canada, shows that the biological clock (also called the clock internal) of the woman is about 2 hours ahead of that of the man, which would therefore push the latter to fall asleep and wake up earlier than him. Until then, you may recognize yourself -be, with one exception (and this is a bad habit, if it concerns you): many women go to bed at the same time as men and therefore do not listen to them. their body needs. In addition to being illogical, this way of acting is counterproductive since sleep is less restful and more restless. Thus, 18% of women say they do not sleep well 5 nights a week, against “only” 8% of men … Go to bed!

The mental load

Even if things tend to change, notably thanks to a greater distribution of tasks, the female brain remains the one that performs the most activities at the same time. However, sleep allows for the brain to recover, so it makes sense that at the end of the day, the female brain needs more rest.

In fact, Dr. Jim Horne, director of the Loughborough University Sleep Research Center, sees it as an explanation for the fact that a man’s brain ages faster than a woman’s. Indeed, mental load saying cerebral recovery, and women being, on average, more exposed to it, it is therefore this capacity for recovery via sleep (and therefore for upstream brain stimulation) that would give a 75-year-old woman the cerebral age of a 70-year-old man. Ladies, keep activating yourself, work pays… in fewer years;)!

However, this obviously does not prevent some men from needing more sleep than their peers … Without reaching the sleep records for women (20 minutes more than men). Men for whom good sleep is essential are especially those who exercise a profession where decision-making and reflection are prominent … In short, everything that makes up a woman’s life! Oh, it’s okay, we’re kidding;)!

The hormones ball

Gentlemen, hormones might seem like a woman’s favorite answer to everything, and yet… they explain a lot!

A study conducted by the American Sleep Foundation reveals that 23% of women have restless and non-restorative sleep the week before their period, and that 30% of women report suffering from this situation during their period. cycle. Namely that variations in estrogen and progesterone levels have an important role in the quality of sleep. In addition, the increase in body temperature, stomach aches, and other inconveniences specific to each (back pain, migraines, etc.), cause great fatigue and an increased need for sleep.

Pregnancy is also a time when sleep is crucial, and sometimes difficult to fill. If the level of progesterone and its sedative effects increase, it is not always easy to fall asleep over time … And yes, the belly is weight, and baby is having java! And when a baby is born, the satisfaction of his needs being dependent on his parents, their sleep is sometimes a complicated matter to manage!

Finally, menopause is also a good time to get tired and sleep. Blame it on hot flashes and a drop in estrogen levels.

In short, the least we can say is that when it comes to sleep, hormones have (largely) the floor!

As we have seen, while women require more sleep than men, that doesn’t mean they both get enough sleep. This is because (and you might recognize yourself here), many people don’t want to tear themselves away from their smartphones or TV screens at bedtime. However, it is essential to ward off blue light (the light emitted by screens), as well as visual and sound stimulation before sleeping. Instead, focus on a good book. In addition to engaging your imagination, reading ten pages will be enough to calm you down and not miss the little train of sleep!

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